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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Avoid Vandalism and Protect Your Rental Property in Miramar

Miramar Rental Property with a Broken-In Door and WindowsVandalism is a sad reality for property owners in Miramar and the surrounding areas. In fact, roughly 15% of American homes are targeted by vandals each year. Vandalism such as graffiti and smashed mailboxes can cause expensive damage to a rental home, but it also leaves behind a tenant’s sense of security and community spirit degraded, as well as the potential detriment of property values. For these whys and wherefores, preventing vandalism should be a top priority for landlords and property owners alike.

Among the many ways to foil vandalism is to install and maintain suitable exterior lighting. Dark spaces are particularly inviting to vandals, as most prefer to do their dirty work unnoticed. Motion sensor lights are notably useful and can be an energy-efficient choice that tenants will surely be thanking you for.

If your rental property has fences, an excellent way to dissuade vandalism is to make sure that your fences are fitted with a secure gate that locks. Vandals are habitually opting for easy targets, so if they are presented with difficulty like being made to climb over a fence or break through a locked gate, then they will think twice before entering your property.

As a natural deterrent, contemplate on planting bushes or shrubs with rough bark, thorns, or pointy leaves around the property. The added greenery will upgrade the appearance of your property while at the same time giving a painful hurdle to any unwanted visitors attempting to get too close to the home.

It may seem odd, but quality window coverings can keep the vandals away, too. Vandalism is a crime of opportunity; they will typically only hit if they think nobody is home. Keeping the windows covered with blinds or drapes will raise suspicions about whether or not someone is home, mainly if a light or two is left on at all times. It just might persuade them to look for another, simpler victim.

Ultimately, if vandals do strike, it’s essential to clean up the mess as soon as possible. These sorts of ne’er-do-wells enjoy having their handiwork scene and fussed over. If their damage is left unrepaired, they might become encouraged, only to return and make an even bigger, “better” mess. By painting over graffiti, repairing broken glass, and addressing any further damage right away, you are actively discouraging any vandals from returning.

By following these simple guidelines, you can keep your Miramar rental homes from becoming an easy target for vandals. At Real Property Management Premier, we offer full-service property management including monitoring your properties on a regular basis and arranging for repairs and maintenance should anything go wrong. If you would like more information on how to protect your home, please contact us online or by 954-362-5235 today.

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