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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Real Estate Buyers – Not Liars But Maybe Clueless

Real Estate Buyers and Buyers’ Agent Status

Real Estate Buyers

Let’s start out this discussion of real estate buyers and buyers’ agent status, and it’s not the best of statements to begin our discussion. If your buyer really isn’t telling you the truth about what they want or can afford, it could be because they don’t trust you with the knowledge. I know that’s a tough one to hear, but it’s true in many cases. If they aren’t sure that you’ll work in their best interests with full knowledge of their situation, then they won’t tell you everything.


The “clueless” part isn’t just as regards the first time home buyer. Many experienced buyers who have done multiple transactions in their lives will still not have market-specific knowledge that can hurt them in their quest for a home.

  • Local custom as to earnest money and offer presentation.
  • Market conditions, absorption rates, and local market trends.
  • Specific area knowledge that dictates very different home prices in areas not that far apart geographically.
  • Quality information as related to specific builders or subdivisions.
  • Even specific knowledge of how certain listing brokers handle their negotiations on behalf of their sellers.


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