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6 Tips For Moving Home. Without The Pain.


tip 1 for moving home without the pain

Here are 6 tips for moving home, without the pain. Because anyone who has moved home understands that moving houses can be a complete adventure! It is several words rolled into one. Stressful, exhausting, and messy are one side of the story. But it can also be a thrilling and exciting roller-coaster ride of emotions. With loads of fond memories thrown in for good measure.

Despite best efforts, you may realize that some things could have been done differently when moving home. Moving can be stressful, despite the best preparation, and mistakes are inevitable. By learning from your mistakes and preparing better, you can minimize stress. Here are tips for moving home to make the process less exhausting and fun. Especially when you’re doing a lot of the work yourself.

Tip #1 For Moving Home: Plan Well In Advance

Hopefully, you will have a few days (even weeks) to make your move, giving you the time needed to plan everything out. Note down all the different items that come to mind, under separate headings, like garage, kitchen, and bedroom, with a page for each location. Apart from household items, include important activities like turning off the water mains, disconnecting the gas supply, or collecting deposits.

Mark your move-out and move-in dates on a wall planner or calendar, and count down the days. Also, mark other important dates like work deadlines or kids’ school activities that could easily get lost in the confusion of moving. Order sufficient quantities of bubble wrap, wrapping paper, foam, cardboard cartons, sealing tape, and markers (different colors help to identify items quickly). If you plan on using a moving agency, schedule a walk-through of your home in advance to get an idea of the time and cost involved. Try to get a realistic estimate, by asking the agency to prepare a rough estimate in advance.

Also make sure to notify the postal services, pet services, telecom & TV providers in advance, scheduling them for different times of the day. You don’t want an army of workmen descending on your home and pulling you in ten different directions!

tip 2 for moving home without pain

Tip #2 For Moving Home: Pack Carefully.

When starting the process of packing your belongings, it always helps to put some thought into it. Try to organize the process so you will know where everything is. That way, you can locate the items you packed easily. And when it comes to unpacking and moving them to their new locations in your new home, it will come equally easily. If you start with glassware, chinaware, and crockery, carefully wrap and pack glasses, mugs, and plates, before placing them in labeled cartons. By packing carefully, you can save the pain of breakages and the cost of replacing your favorite items.

You can even write down a brief list of items within each carton, like dining room cutlery or mom’s wedding gift dinner set. These boxes will be much easier to unpack at the other end, as you know precisely what each carton contains, and where to place it, in your new home. Dumping all kinds of different stuff into the kids’ room or vacant guest room randomly is a huge mistake. Not only will it compromise the earlier packing efforts, but also it will confuse the home. Quite likely, some (or all) items from the kitchen or bedroom may get mixed up when you finally pack them into cartons. And unpacking the mess at the other end may prove overwhelming. This will only add to the confusion, anxiety, and stress, the move brings with it.

using a packing list when moving

Tip #3 For Moving Home: Use A Moving Checklist

Use a checklist, as the best way to organize the move. A checklist helps you to pack easily and makes the unpacking process a whole lot easier. A checklist is also helpful if you plan to store some of your items at friends’ or family’s houses or a storage facility. You can easily identify and locate the needed items, without having to unpack ten different cartons. This will save you an unnecessary mess, expenses, and time wasted on multiple trips. A checklist helps to get things right, the first time.

Start by creating a few columns to designate a particular room or category for the items being packed (in a box where possible). Column 1 can be the serial number. Column two is the category, column three is the description, and column four is the code for the relevant carton. You can even color-code the cartons assigned to a particular room to identify those cartons later i.e. kitchen items in blue. When unpacking, you can tick off the items on your checklist one by one. This will ensure all the cartons and items are accounted for, and nothing has been left behind.

Tip #4 Take It One Room At A Time.

As a part of the packing process, it is advisable to take it one room at a time. Amid the chaos of packing, you may often feel overwhelmed by the scale of the task. It is natural to wander from room to room, trying to assimilate everything and mentally take stock of the items in a room. With emotions running high and roomfuls of memories to handle, just looking at all your stuff can be overwhelming. Now add to that the scale of the move, and the task can seem genuinely intimidating.

In this stressful situation, focus on one room at a time. You can prioritize specific rooms and quickly set up items as they were before the move. Try completing one room before moving to the next one, to gauge your progress. Also, if a particular area remains unfinished in your new home, let’s say the kitchen, you can leave it for later, while you do a great job of finishing off the other rooms.

friends and family helping with the move

Tip #5 For Moving Home: Ask Friends And Family To Pitch In.

If you use a moving agency, you can count yourself lucky, as they will do the heavy lifting. However, many of us manage the move ourselves, and having the support and friends and family is a blessing if you have it. Time permitting, friends can help pack up, load up the trailer, and drive it over. Family members can help shift cartons from room to room or lift furniture items. Others can have the kids for a few days, giving you the time and space needed to get the new house back on track. Yes, it’s not the same for everyone, but it is worth asking your friends to pitch in since you will need the extra help.

Tip #6 Get Rid Of Clutter When Moving Homes.

For many people, moving homes is a great time to declutter. It can be emotional to let go of sentimental stuff like the kids’ baby toys and clothes they no longer fit into. Or the dinner set that has been around forever but never used. Sure, decluttering adds to an already hectic moving-in process. But in the end, it is well worth the time, as you get to surround yourself with the belongings you truly care for in your new home. Often you will be in two minds as to whether to hold on to something or let go. But try to envisage the joy of only taking along only items that are genuinely needed and used.

Tip #7 Organizing Your New Home Will Take Time. Be Prepared.

So, the move-in is finally complete, and the house is starting to look like home…somewhat! Many of the rooms in your house are coming together nicely, but some are not. The trick is not to rush in to complete everything but rather to take the time to experiment. You want to be able to think through the different options carefully. Once important areas like bedrooms and the kitchen are sorted, there is no panic as the basics are in place.

And finally, another important tip for moving home is – to be patient. Getting the whole house looking the way you want may take longer than anticipated. But hey, if you dealt with the chaos of the move, you can deal with the smaller issues too!

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