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Clean Up And Ace Your Rental Property Inspection.

clean up your rental property to ace your property inspection

Wondering how to clean up and ace your rental property inspection? A rental check can make tenants anxious by mistaking it to be a measure of their cleaning abilities. These valuable tips can help you clean up your rental property inside and out. And also make you confident in presenting a tidy and organized home to your landlord. Remember, for a hassle-free lease, there are cleanliness standards you must meet in your rental property.

Florida landlords and property managers have the right to inspect their property periodically for the duration of a lease. Usually, the property manager or landlord will issue the tenant a notice 7 to 14 days before the inspection date, giving tenants sufficient time to prepare. Having your rental property deep-cleaned by expert cleaning companies is a good option. Professional cleaners can freshen up any worn-looking home and make it look tidy and organized. But if you are unwilling to foot the bill, you can go the DIY route, with good results too!

During a routine home inspection, the landlord or property manager will go inspect the rooms, walls, furniture, appliances, and outdoor areas of the property. This is because landlords need to check and confirm their property is in good condition during a lease. Like any other investment, real estate also needs care, to ensure long-term value and capital gains.

So, How Clean Does A Property Have To Be?

 The matter of cleanliness is very subjective at the best of times; just ask the kids! And if disputes arise over cleanliness, they need to be handled professionally. The problem starts when your landlord’s opinions about what’s clean, differ from yours. However, as a rule of thumb, your rental home should look the way it first looked, when you took over the lease.

Some Florida landlords insist on detailed inspections and check on every power point and lighting fixture. Others are okay as long as their property looks intact, and there is no visible damage. Most landlords understand the difference between natural wear and tear and major property damage. But sometimes, the fine line between reasonable property depreciation and outright property damage can get blurred. And this can be a major cause of disputes, and even lead to evictions.

These are the areas of the house inspection checklist that you need to watch out for:

backyard patio seating idea

Cleaning The Patio And Outdoors For Inspection.

The patio or lawn (if you have one) is the first thing your landlord or property manager will notice when they pull up to your rental property. So, it is important to create a convincing and good first impression by making these areas look welcoming. These quick tips can improve the cleanliness of your outdoor area:

Sweep off dried leaves and other debris on the floor of the patio. Mop away stains and dirt left over from the last BBQ, using a strong foaming agent for more thorough cleaning. By removing leftover grease and food debris, you will also get rid of unwanted and unpleasant odors. Remove cobwebs and dust on your porch,  and thoroughly clean your outdoor patio furniture. You can even wash the outdoor cushion covers and throw pillows if time allows. And finally, re-organize the furniture neatly to present an inviting and organized look.

Show some love to the garden by mowing the lawn well in advance and removing weeds and dried leaves. Arrange the children’s bicycles and outdoor toys neatly in a corner and also remove any pet waste on the lawn. Clean out the gutters and storm drains, getting rid of dried leaves and debris that may have accumulated during seasons. And while in the garden, trim overgrown bushes and shrubs and replace the welcome mat at the entrance if the older one has seen its days. Also make sure to replace any blown light bulbs, as nothing catches the attention like a blown light. Sweep the yard and tidy up any laundry hanging there. Also, remove any cobwebs and grime you can spot in between the nooks, making sure to tidy up the kids’ toys lying around in the yard.

inviting and beautiful living room in a rental property

Clean Up Your Living Room. And Score Rental Points.

A living room is often called the heart of a home because it is the meeting point for friends and family. You can probably remember the times it has been your hobby center, home office, study, or even slept the unexpected guest. Most likely, you and your landlord will discuss concerns about your rental home, in the living room. And by conducting the meeting in an inviting and presentable space, you can leverage the opportunity to meet with your landlord or property manager to your best advantage.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. How comfortable would you be meeting and entertaining a friend or a business acquaintance in noisy and unkempt surroundings? The TV turned up, the kids’ toys everywhere; the couch littered with Doritos, and your sneakers on the floor. Tidy up your living room to present a good impression your landlord and win rental points!

Use the opportunity to lose some of the old furniture pieces you have been intending to for the last few months. Time permitting, you can even launder the cushions and vacuum the couch to remove the inevitable stains and freshen things up. Empty the waste paper basket and tidy up the console table, by de-cluttering it. straighten up wall prints and paintings and get rid of scraps of paper and wrappers.

Microfibre cloth to the rescue

Use a microfibre cloth to dust the ceiling fans and air-conditioning vents. An old toothbrush or a short bristled paintbrush comes in handy for removing grime from between the vanes and other hard-to-reach places. Consider replacing the HVAC filters, and adding an air freshener pouch for a clean and pleasant aroma in your living room. Use a wet microfibre cloth for the light fixtures, clearing them of cobwebs as you go along. A good quality metal polish is a good bet to polish up the holders. For an extra clean and sparkling look, apply it to to door handles, brassware, and other metal fixtures, in and around the house.

Make sure to vacuum your couch and carpet to remove dust and debris. In any home with children, these will be the object of much abuse and warrant special cleaning. Use a stain remover foam to deep clean and vacuum thoroughly. Stubborn stains may require repeated treatment and even professional help. The same goes for torn wallpaper and dirty wall blinds. Finish off all cleaning with conditioning and deodorizing products for a longer-lasting effect, and freshness. Organize the bookcases and declutter the center table, giving it a good clean and polish as well.

Finish off by arranging the furniture and straightening up throw pillows for a tidy and presentable look. Leave on the accent lights or use the opportunity to highlight your latest print or artistic object.

clean up and tidy your bedroom

Clean Up Your Bedroom to Ace The Rental Property Inspection.

A clean, presentable, and nice-smelling bedroom is a great way to start a winning rental property inspection. Even though bedrooms are considered private spaces, they are included during a routine inspection, meaning the landlord or property manager will still need to see them. Tenants sometimes overlook cleaning the bedroom treating them as personal space, but bedrooms do need to look presentable!

Dust off cobwebs from ceiling fans, light fixtures, and wall hangings, taking care not to damage any delicate glass pieces. Vacuum the top surfaces of wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets, and then wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. Use a wet cloth for usually dirty surfaces and attack grimy patches that have accumulated over a long time. Glass cleaner is great on windows, and can also remove water stains from the glass tops of coffee tables. Before cleaning windows, remember to dust the window blinds and curtains. Wipe around the window frames and clean off dust that may have accumulated in channels and sliding tracks for doors and windows.

For soiled carpets, use a reliable cleaning foam, remembering to test it on a small patch first. If you allow pets into your bedrooms, make sure to vacuum all animal fur. Change the sheets and deodorize the room with your favorite deodorizer to leave it smelling fresh and pleasant. If you have hard floors, make sure to mop the floors with a good measure of floor cleaner and polish product. Many products help fill micro scratches and add a protective layer of wax to help prevent the surface from scratching further. Start from the far end and move to the bedroom exit, restoring texture and character to your bedroom.

present a clean and tidy batroom to your landlord

Ace A Rental Property Inspection By Fixing Up The Bathroom.

Picture yourself stepping into a dirty, wet, and foul-smelling bathroom. No? Well, neither can your landlord. And your landlord’s obvious disgust is a clear indication of how the rest of the inspection will turn out. Bathrooms that are sparkling clean and free from odors are a telltale sign that your rental property is in safe hands. A spotlessly-clean bathroom can help you renew your lease in many ways, and make it a point to clean your bathroom for an inspection.

Dust off exhaust fans to remove the accumulated dirt and grime from exhaust fans using a soft-bristled brush, or a discarded paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner. Remove the grille and the fan and wash them with warm water and detergent to restore their shine.  Clean the tops of drain covers, making sure to have first vacuumed them for bits of hair and soap.

Wash down the wall tiles with soapy water and scrub off any mold and mildew. Use a grout-cleaning compound on bathroom tiles and floor tiles to remove water stains and dirt. Use a limescale remover on the shower heads and faucets to restore their shine, and also on the shower screen and bathtubs if necessary.

Replace any damaged vanity lights and polish the bathroom mirror with a glass cleaner Remove empty toothpaste tubes, and empty shampoo bottles from the sink, making sure you all polish the towel rails or towel stands in the bathroom.

Clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and an appropriate toilet bowl cleaning liquid. Make sure to rush under the surfaces with a toothbrush to remove any scum that’s clinging to the inside of the bowl. Replace the toilet cleaning block and also the air freshener in the bathroom. Finally mop off the floor for a fresh-smelling, clean, and inviting bathroom.

a neat and tidy kitchen looking very presentable

How To Ace A Rental Property Inspection: The Kitchen

If you want to ace your rental property inspection, your kitchen must give a good impression when your landlord steps into your rental home. A neat and impressive kitchen goes a long way in determining the outcome of a successful inspection.

As expected in any home, you can find the most grease and grime in the kitchen. Cooking oil, food scraps, oil splatters, and dirt accumulate over time, giving kitchens an unpleasant and off-putting look. Add to that the kitchen smells and other odors emanating from raw produce, or cooked meals which can have an unsettling effect. This is especially true if your tenants are from overseas and their cooking styles involve the use of strong-smelling garlic, onions, pickles, and other oriental condiments. So, it is vital to clean up your kitchen and give your landlord a pleasant experience during the inspection.

Start by ventilating the kitchen for a couple of hours by leaving the windows open. By circulating fresh air many odors disappear and sometimes also the damp feel. Vacuum the area well and try to get into the nooks and crannies with the cleaning attachments provided with the Hoover. Leave the doors of the dishwasher and washing machine open the night before, making sure to remove any spilled laundry detergent. It is advisable to wash dirty laundry before the inspection to keep things tidy and organized during the inspection. You don’t want to be running around attending to household chores amid an important exercise.

Watch out For Cockroaches And Pests

Cockroaches in the kitchen are a big no-no. Cockroaches flies, and other house pests are carriers of diseases and dangerous to your health and the wider community. If you have detected a pest problem, have it dealt with, before your rental property inspection?

Look for and get rid of food leftovers and empty food containers on the countertops. Throw last night’s half-finished pizza and the pizza box as well. Clean up stains and spills from countertops with warm water and detergent, not forgetting the backsplash. Use oven cleaner for stubborn marks and stains that won’t yield. Collect and wash up used dishes and kitchen towels and arrange them neatly. Empty the trash bin, and tidy up the recycling containers. Also, declutter cupboards and drawers by removing unnecessary items and also reorganizing the pantry.

Deep clean the microwave oven as is the most heavily used item, and often the source of unpleasant odors. When cleaning kitchen equipment please follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging it. Degrease the oven and range hood and descale calcium and water marks from sinks and faucets. Polish the kitchen windows and all cupboards and countertop surfaces. Mop away any spills and stains on your kitchen floor. Renew the air freshener pouch and hold off cooking a strong-smelling meal, till after the inspection.

How we can help?

When you use Real Property Management to manage your rental homes, our experienced professionals are on your side. We have the skills and more so, the experience to spot problems before they turn into major issues. We know what property inspection entails and can help landlords and tenants conduct them amicably and professionally.

Instead of trying to manage the whole process of cleaning up your rental property just imagine how much easier it would be to let Real Property Management Premier help you do it. We can easily recommend a professional cleaning company from our approved vendors, to handle the whole slew of cleaning operations. Look no further than Real Property Management Premier.

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