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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Can I sell my property while it’s under your management?

The answer is yes! There is no contractual limitation to selling your property while it is under our management. But please alert us before you commit as we can help on a number of fronts to make your sale successful. We are a licensed broker however, we do not sell properties. We engage with top agents in Broward County area, with genuine knowledge of navigating a selling a tenant occupied property.

If the property is a single-family home, you can sell it while the tenants are occupying the property, depending on when the tenant’s lease expires. If the tenants are on a long-term lease, both the seller and the buyer need to understand that lease is a legal binding agreement which would have to be honored by the buyer. They most likely will not want to accommodate showing after showing and they certainly are not going to want to allow a lockbox.  If the property is a multi-family building, then you definitely want to sell it fully occupied.  Buyers relate an Investment properties’ value to its potential income.

Do you sell homes too?

Real Property Management Premier’s business is residential property management and we do NOT conduct property sales. But our knowledge in property management becomes very valuable in helping investors to decide on locations, rental values and income vs. expenses. Add to that, the relationship with most sales agents in the area, and we have a good chance of concluding the sale. Our relationship continues throughout the duration of the investment.  Selling homes is not what we do, but would be happy to introduce you to the top real estate agents in the Broward County area.

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