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Top Planning Tips To Successfully Show Homes To Buyers.

expert_tips_to_increase_the_bottom line_of_your_florida_rental_propertyFollow these top planning tips to successfully show homes to your buyers. Showings require a lot of effort and planning, to get to the final stage. And you want to ace it, with all that time behind you. Don’t start out wrong, by skipping out on the planning required to ace the showing.

Make sure to ask yourself these and other important questions first. And also make sure, you have all the answers. Are you showing them FASOs as well as MLS listings, with a buyers’ representation agreement? Do you truly understand the buyers’ requirements? Have you completed the final check of the latest MLS activity (hot sheet)? Are the listed homes still on the market, at the prices you have with you? By knowing the details of your homes, your professionalism and confidence will speak for themselves. Increasing, the chances of acing the deal.

Top Planning Tips:  Plan The Route To Avoid Getting Lost

As a seller of your property, prospective buyers look to you as the resident expert. And they expect you to be knowledgeable about the properties in the area, as well as the area in general. Even if you are familiar with the area, make sure to know the most direct routes to each property you plan to show. With the shortest drive times, and least traffic. Don’t end up looking lost, looking for the address you claim to have known for the last few years. It can quickly ruin the “expert”, reputation, damaging confidence for both parties.

Planning Tips: Have The Buyers Pack Ready To Share

There is no such thing as excessive information when showing a home to buyers. Anticipate questions about the area or the subdivision in advance and keep survey plans, zonal restrictions, and property floor plans ready. Have all the answers ready, supported by the proper documents, to make the right impression on buyers.

As part of planning, make sure to have two sets of Buyers Packs on hand, with all of the information pertinent to the showing. For out-of-town, or out-of-state buyers, it is advisable to include maps of the area, in the pack. You can also include details and a listing of local attractions, services, facilities, schools, transport services, and shopping districts. Some agents will even carry extra clipboards, pens, and printed copies of important covenants and regulations of the subdivision – to make a lasting impression on the buyer.

Plan To Arrive And Departing A Property And Achieve Your Goals

Security is always an important consideration for any property owner. As is privacy. If the property is vacant, with entry controlled by an MLS lockbox system, you want to arrive at a showing, well-prepared. Since many MLS lockbox systems require the access key to be updated weekly or monthly, make sure your access key is ready to use.

It is always a good idea to check the battery health, or even carry a spare set of batteries for a lockbox. A little planning can avoid the embarrassing situation of not being able to enter the property, for showing! At the same time, remember to place the key in your pocket, or its pouch to avoid forgetting it inside the property. This will surely ruin your whole showing day. It is one of the top planning tips to successfully show homes to buyers.

Top Planning Tip: Plan To Be Punctual And Respect Privacy.

Make sure to arrive at the property punctually. If you have agreed to have the existing tenant present at the property or the landlord, be sure to announce your arrival. To catch them unawares. If they are at home, you want them to be aware of your presence. And not catch you peeking through a window in the yard.

When departing, make sure to return everything and leave the property as you found it. Meaning, if you found the door unlocked or the windows open, they should be left as they were. But as a rule, all doors leading to the outside of the property should be locked. If in doubt, you can always make a quick call to the property owner, to double-check. Your concern for their property will be much appreciated. Make it a point to go through the property once your buyers are out, and complete a last check of all the rooms and entrances, lights, and anything left around in the property.

Play The Role Of A Sales Consultant; Not A Sales Agent

Often you hear of brokers and sales agents complaining of their sales falling through before closing. It could be that they are pushing too hard or using too many closing techniques. Or maybe, the buyer could feel overly pressured to make a decision, when he is not quite ready. Or just a case of “Buyer remorse”. Sometimes buyers will choose to walk out of a deal if they feel they are being pushed too hard.

Remember, your role is to understand the needs of buyers, facilitate the location of properties, present properties objectively, and answer any questions they may have. You may also have to do the necessary research, to get to all the facts and figures behind a convincing sales argument. You want to be able to help the buyers make an informed decision. Your role is not to sell the property. This is another top planning tip to successfully show homes to buyers.

If buyers ask you to be present at the showing and take you through the property, by all means, do so. Take the time to lead them through the home and point out the features that make it a good buy. However, some buyers only want you around to answer any specific questions about the property, and prefer to walk through it themselves. Under this early on, so as not to feature-point, where it is not required or appreciated. Remember, they have to like or dislike the property. Not you!

Top Planning Tip To Successfully Show Homes: Review The daily Showings

It is possible, that you have shown six or seven different homes throughout the day, across different locations in a city. Depending on where you’re at, you have probably been driving around a fair bit. And answered a ton of questions, about the properties. About the subdivisions, locations, and general queries about home ownership.

It’s highly unlikely, you or your buyers will remember everything. Or that buyers will have the same thoughts about a property, as they had when they were in it. So, it is always a good idea to review each property right after, in the car, or during a coffee break. To get a “Yes’, or a “No”, to each property. Try to complete the review, taking notes on any specific points that you need to revert to.

Ask if there are any particular properties they would like to follow up on. Or follow up on something particular, on a property that seemed, they seem interested in? Or even any property they may wish to visit a second time? By completing the reviews, you can plan to follow up on time and with the right results. These are some of the top planning tips to successfully show homes to buyers.

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